Sunday, 17 May 2015


Death is something no one actually understand and it is really still a mystery to mankind. But what is really behind it?

Death in definition is:

-The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

Which just means: 'when you are dead'. Being dead is hard to comprehend or feel as we humans cannot feel nothing. And just the thought of being dead can send chills down your spine. That is also one of the factors of 'Fear'. 

Well 'Fear' is just us being afraid of something, whether it is heights, insects or just the non existent monster in your closet. Being afraid is part of human nature. Scientists theorized it as the death of our ancestors written in our DNA to prevent similar deaths, keeping us alive for longer. 

But speaking of ancestors, do you remember anyone in your family tree older than your great grand parents' generation? Most people won't unless they are someone who made history. You can check out this Jake's video about living forever on Vsauce3 here:

In his video, Jake mentioned about 2 stages of death. The first stage is being physically dead, like holding a funeral or lets say in a sense, not being able to continue your life. You will only exist in the memories of the people you know. This brings us to the second stage, being forgotten. Well the word 'Oblivion' fits perfectly in this context. You will completely be forgotten at this stage unless you yourself played an important role in the unforgettable moments in the history of mankind. One good example will be Adolf Hitler. His name will not seem to pass the second stage of death until mankind becomes extinct.

So after defining 'death', lets talk about what i think about it. I think it just means the we will all die someday, so we all should make the best out of it. Sure, some religions say that you will go somewhere better or just hell if you have done something wrong. But lets face it, we all don't know what happens after death, why not make use of whatever time we have left. We all don't know when we will die. Who know, maybe tomorrow morning when i am going out, i might get knocked down by a car and die. Thats why we should all live the best we can everyday enjoyably. It will be draining if that is the case, that is why you can do things to extend your 'life span' between your 1st and 2nd stage of death by doing something worthy of keeping record in the history of mankind. Well, we don't all have to do that actually. With the advancement on the internet, your Facebook profile mights just keep on going even after you have died, drifting in this world of cyberspace for a long time before it gets erased. You can check out Michel Steven's video on how things are erased here:

In Micheal's Video, he talked about how computers 'erase' files. It basically is the process of telling the brain that the space is 'empty' when the files are actually still there, overriding the contents and corrupting whatever file is still there.

So your Facebook profile will last as long as the item storing it is not broken or burnt or damaged. Well, at least in theory. The fact is that even if you name still remains in the cyber world, will anyone actually know who you were? Maybe some hacker decides to dig out some random info and spread it out, who knows... But all i can say for now is that death is still a mystery to most of us, until someday, someone can explain the science of it.

Some people in this world take the concept of 'making the best out of your life' too far. That is why many teenagers these days get into trouble when YOLO is the reason why they do stupid things. I mean, it is ok to try certain stuff for fun but not the ones that harm you. People ask you not to do stuff like taking drugs or skipping school because they know the consequences of it and would not want you to go through it. The phrase 'You Only Live Once' comes from varies backgrounds reminding you that you only have one life before death. People do misinterpret the concept and think that it means to just have fun. That leads to faster death and well, sadness and scars in life. It just basically means 'make the right choice'. You can check Ryan's video here to cheer up the mood: (it is a little offensive though)

In conclusion, every single one of us will go through the 1st stage of death anyways and how longs before the 2nd stage of death comes will be up to what you do before your 1st stage of death. So make the best out of your time, have fun all the time no matter how bad it actually is. Making the best doesn't actually mean success all the time.

So make the right choice in life! Have fun in everyday you can! And i will see you next time i post a new topic!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

A little intro to this blog

So i am starting this blog to share my views to the cyber world hoping to not only change people's ways of seeing things but also be able to be able to see things from a different point of view.

Here's a small intro to the internet out there. I am Zek, and I like talking about anything thats is not too sciency. (It really make my head spin sometimes just listening to my friends talk about the physics of a spacecraft etc.) I am a nerd who plays card games and likes talking about things in life. I am doing this just to kill some productive time rather than play games. Please do suggest topics for me to think about!!! I would love to give out my views to the world!!! My first blog will be up within a week! Hope you guys will like the blog!!!!